How to start Paper plate making business in home?

How to start Paper plate making business in home?

How to start Paper plate making business in home?

This question comes to everyone mind who wants to start paper plate making business. In this article, we will detail you about the scope, Machine, Demands, Manufacturing and marketing strategy.


We provide training to set up a manufacturing unit along with MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) Central Government of India with certificate.

Paper plate machine training Paper plate making machine traningMSME Paper plate traning












Demand of Paper Plate:

Paper plates are widely used in Indian Marriage parties, Shops, Hotels, corporate companies, catering and also used by temples for providing prasadam.


The change in lifestyle has increased the demand for paper plates. Don’t back your feet any more on being a paper plate manufacturer. Here is why it could be profitable business idea. Paper plates:

  • Have a higher demand globally.
  • Are cost-effective, and can be instantly used and thrown.
  • Can be recycled, have a higher utility, and substitute the use of plastic.
  • Is safe, eco-friendly, hygienic, and made with food grade paper.
  • Is leak proof, sturdy, and store food well.
  • Is light-weight, disposable, and spell convenience.


Tools to Start Business:

There is very limited number of the tools which needs to have to start Paper plate making business while planning for this business. As for the machine, we need


  • Paper plate making machine: 

    Paper plate making machine is one of the tools which used to manufacture paper plates.

Paper plate making machine

Paper plate making machine












  • Die:

Die are required to manufacture different size and shapes of paper plates.

Sizes: 4” to 16”

Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval and Heart Shape.

Types of Die:

  • Wrinkle Die.
  • Thali Die.
  • Dona Die.

Paper plate die

The Shapes and sizes can be manufactured as per customer’s requirement.


  • Raw materials:

Raw materials are measured in GSM (Grams per square meter). Raw materials GSM starts from 70 to 500.

Raw materials are available with us as well as major paper mills all over South India.

Types of Raw materials:

  • Saree Box
  • Duplex Paper Sheet.
  • Silver Laminated Paper Sheets.
  • Green Laminated Paper Sheets.

Paper plate raw materials

  • Manufacturing:

It is a simple and easy process to manufacture paper plates.

Paper Plate Manufacturing Video:


  • Marketing:

We provide Raw material and buyback the finished goods

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